Carmela Laganse received her BFA at the University of Manitoba and her MFA at Ohio University. She has worked, taught and exhibited in Canada, Europe and the US.

The perception of real experience, fantasy, and play are Carmela’s ongoing interests -- more particularly the intersection of meanings garnered from pop culture, familiar objects, hierarchy, language, and childhood.

She enjoys unearthing the connectedness among the seemingly incongruous.  Her work disrupts visual tropes, creates and explores odd relationships, and subtly satirizes underlying ideologies that exist in our material and visual cultures.

Carmela often builds interactive objects or portable, modular environments that playfully encourage and integrate physical, emotional, intellectual, and ritualistic processes.




Redirecting/re-directing (2006),
48 x 48 x 72”/122 x 122 x 183 cm variable, mixed media

Carmela greatly appreciates the generosity and support of: Jordi Alfaro, Yakari Alfaro-Laganse, Charles Mason, The Gardiner Museum, Karen Warshaw-Lampcov, Kel Warshaw, Daphna Lewinshtein, Rosanna Marmont, Shelly Low, Bly Shuldiner, Mr. and Mrs. Laganse, Archita Ghosh, Pattie Chalmers, Benjie Heu, Lynn Merhige Gallery, Redux Contemporary Art Center, Strathcona County Art Gallery @501, Darcy Zink , Jan Johnson, Ulises Alfaro, Sandra Alfaro, Carles Isern, Paco Hernandez, Jordi Pahisa, Don Hall, Lluis Costa, Ruth Chamber, Sean Whalley, Nuova Icona, Vittorio Urbani, Elisa Genna, Lucia Varni, Escuela de Cine de Barcelona (ECIB) and St. Paul West.

She also wishes to thank: Spread photographer, Denis Farley, Spread models, Dylan Normandin and Jihee Min, Tromper photographer, Don Hall and Tromper models, Angel McDowell, Autumn McDowell, Troy Coulterman, Frans Lotz, Jack Sures, Jeannie Mah, Jan Johnson, and Jiyhun Choi, as well as The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Regina and the following organizations for their financial support: